July EVO335

July EVO335

Welcome to EVO335 - Teeny Greeny's monthly update now July is done and I find writing this each month gives me a chance to realise how quickly the year is going - it didn't feel that long ago when I was writing June’s post!
1.Harrogate Home & Gift Show - is there no end to this girls talents? Alana suits a high vis - wouldn't you agree?!
We met so many lovely retailers, many from further up north as the trains were cancelled due to the heat wave we had - but it's all good as Microgreens grow anywhere - even the highlands where some of our kits were dispatched to earlier this week!

We are now stocking kits in Northumberland, Macclesfield, North Wales, Edinburgh, Exeter, Derby, Alnwick, Polegate, Doncaster, Berkshire, Oxford, Redcar, Colchester, Lancashire and Aberdeen. Are we stocking a shop in your town?
2. Billy finished his exams and Lotte got made head of her school council - I know that is technically 2 things, but hey in my defence this comes under personal/kids and not everyone here has any interest in my kids or their lives as much as they do Teeny Greeny or Microgreens!!
3. BUSHCRAFT SHOW 2022 - we had a great time at a Bushcraft show where we listened to a great talk by John ‘Lofty’ Wiseman - THE legend in the survival space. As the author of the SAS survival guide it was really interesting him giving his perspective on how we as humans behaved over the last 2 years, especially during the covid pandemic. He talked about why the first thing we need to look at is our own food supply - and yes you guessed the plug here - Microgreens are a very quick growing food supply containing many of the essential vitamins and minerals we need!!
As many of you that have been following the Teeny Greeny journey you will know I am the one behind TG alongside raising 3 small people by myself, which means my home is manic at the moment with the school holidays. I was talking to a friend the other day who was saying that originally the summer holidays were created so that kids would be off to help with the summer harvest. Nowadays, this is not the case for most kids but perhaps you want to give them a chance to develop their own green-fingers by growing their own superfood in just 7-10 days - after all we have another 4 or more weeks till they are back to school and we have our special offer on our Micrology XL kits available until we open at the end of September for our Microfarm Kits and Greens for a year!

Use the code TEENYTREAT and grab 3 for £30, or even 6 for £60 if you wanted to try 6 different seed types!

This business started out as an urban farm, selling Microgreens to restaurants, farm shops and cafes. The business model changed when I saw that there was an increasing demand for people to grow their own delicious and nutritious Microgreens at home. Thank you for being a part of this journey and you are part of an ever growing community!

Based on the feedback of our regular customers, we created the Micrology XL kits as we heard from you guys you'd like to share your love of growing Microgreens with your friends and family. The kits make the perfect eco-gift and come in an attractive gold tin that makes a great gift for your health conscious, foodie loving or green fingered friend!

What I had not anticipated was the interest in the kit from people who had never grown Microgreens before and just wanted to try something new. The tins are great as you can pick your top 3 varieties and create a unique combination that gives you all the health benefits and flavour that you desire.

We have 6 varieties of our Micrology XL kit: Broccoli, Rocket, Kale, China Rose, Red Cabbage and Pak Choi

If you were to make use of our 3 for £30 offer, there are a possible 20 Microgreen combinations that you can choose from if you didn’t pick any duplicates. This is why these kits are great as they allow you to pick a combination that is unique to you. Which one are you going to pick? Need some help? Send us a message and we can help! 

We will no longer be restocking our monthly refill kits but instead will be opting for a Greens for A Year product - and this product will allow you to eat the freshest, tastiest and healthiest greens all year round for under £1 a day!

We are working on the finishing touches to this product so would love a little input from you if you can space me a couple of minutes - you'll find a link to a survey below.

This product will be tailored to support you in growing in any space you have (no garden needed) so you can feel healthy, happy and empowered.

This product will be totally BESPOKE to you so you choose your bundle of Microgreens and we will be on hand to offer advice on which varieties are best for you, or feel free to ask us to make one for you if this suits you best!

Why are we doing this?
1 - We are a very teeny business and want to prioritise our loyal customers. Having the business model set up like this allows time for me to have group calls and offer advice to Teeny Greeny’s customers should they wish.

2 - I know myself that money can be tight, especially with rising living costs at the moment, so the Greens for a Year kit allows you to bulk purchase your seeds and therefore offers the best value for money that we have ever been able to do.

3 - The product helps us to manage our stock levels. We have found that our suppliers are getting inundated with more and more requests so we want to be able to reserve seed as it is limited each year and the supply chain means that they will be able to plant according to demand, this helps them, you and our growing business. We understand it won't suit everyone but we have had to make this decision to make the business sustainable in terms of growth and viability long term.

4 - Our Greens For A Year bundle allows you to truly invest in your health, start and maintain this healthy habit of growing your own superfood in what-ever space you have!

Make sure you are on the wait list by clicking here for updates on the release date of our next batch of Microfarms and Greens for a Year or click the WAITLIST button below.

You can also find out more about this product HERE
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