Grow your own delicious & nutritious Microgreens –


Teeny Greenies are jam packed with nutrients, super easy to grow and taste delicious! 

Containing more vitamins and minerals than their older leafy relatives, our Microfarm™ Organic Grow Kits mean you can plant, grow and harvest your Microgreens in as little as a week. Tasting great in smoothies, soups, packed lunches, salads, pizzas or stews, the only limit’s your imagination.

At The Root Of Teeny Greeny


Teeny Greeny brings you their own Microfarm™. Designed with total sustainability and education at their root so you to can plant, grow and harvest your own superfoods at home in in any space you have.

Which one will you choose?

With our "Rocketing Refills" it makes it super easy to refill your MICROFARM™ each month, or choose from our selection of organic Microgreen seed sets.

Each delivering a powerful punch, combined not only for their health benefits, but set together so they all grow at the same rate, meaning you can get super creative in the kitchen!

Which seeds do you love best?

Very Cool Kit. The instructions are straight forward, the contents are beautifully presented and the spirit behind it all is so kind and beautiful with so many lovely surprises packed inside. We can’t wait to see our sprouts pop up and the boys are working out a rota to ensure everyone gets an equal shot at misting ;) 

Kimberly, London 

Growing these seeds from Teeny Weeny has been a joy.  From opening the box and finding the sustainable bamboo trays and wooden implements, to the cute tins filled with organic seeds, along with watching the compost expand and arranging the seeds on top.  That is just the beginning, then it has been amazing to watch them grow, quite rapidly, into seedlings of nutritious tastiness and greens to add to our salads. 

Nicky, Bradford-on-Avon

Absolutely impressed by these kits. Purchased 2 different ones, one with Broccoli Seeds and another with Coriander and Radish and I am overjoyed with the results. I followed the easy step by step instructions and voila! Within days I had my very own bushy sprouts on my window sill waiting for me to throw into a salad. Super crunchy and tasty sprouts and will continue to top up every month!! Teeny Greeny is the place go if you want to grow your own sprouts from home.

Tony Musso, London

Absolute pleasure to deal with, fast delivery and amazing quality.
Easy to follow instructions with delicious results.
Will be ordering again very soon!
Thank you for your help!

Jamie, Hailsham