At The Root Of It All –

At The Root Of It All

Microgreen Illustration 
My name is Alice and my very favourite activity is to dance around the kitchen with my three children. They are the inspiration and motivation behind Teeny Greeny. As any parent knows, creating healthy, nutritious meals that our children will eat is no mean feat. That is why I am so passionate about Microgreens; my family only needs to eat a small amount of these, as part of their normal healthy balanced diet, to get many of the vitamins and minerals they need. Not only that, but by growing our supergreens, we are more grateful for what we put on our plates.

Teeny Greeny Branding

Cultivating Our Company

Teeny Greeny started life as part of a first-generation small urban farm in the beautiful Wiltshire countryside. Now we invest all our experience into creating fun and nutritious organic seed sets that will flourish on anyone’s windowsill! Our aim is to equip more families with the tools they need to grow their own Microgreens, not only for the convenience of having fresh, delicious ingredients and garnishes to brighten up their food, but also for the health and wellbeing rewards that this offers.
Teeny Greeny Branding

Green Dreams

Eating mindfully is better for our planet and better for our health. There is nothing more rewarding or delicious than planting, nurturing, and eating your own food.The good news is that Microgreens aren’t just fun to grow, but they are packed full of goodness, making them a magical choice for you and your family.

"Plant seeds of happiness, hope, success, and love; it will all come back to you in abundance. This is the law of nature.” Steve Maraboli