• From the founder

    I'm Alice, the creative, owner & founder of Teeny Greeny and I believe that anyone can grow their own fresh, tasty superfood in any space they have, with what-ever time they can spare - honestly, If I can, then you can too!!

    As one to disrupt the narrative both on a personal level, and when it comes to the sustainable growth of a Micro-business(pun intended) Vs the BIG boys in the business world, I truly feel that small independent businesses’s can make a huge impact when they build a community of like-minded folk, who all envision changes in the world that will benefit our planet, our people and our animals.  

  • Why we want to do better...... 

    With a background in urban farming, choosing organic and biodynamic practices over conventional, I started pondering......"how could I share my own knowledge and passions with anyone else wanting to start their own micro-adventure - growing their own food at home, as simply as possible, with everything included, plus have access to my own experience as a grower and connect with other like-minded growers?" And.......just like that, (well maybe not just, but you get the drift!) the Microfarm™ Grow Kit was created! 

    This didn’t happen overnight, no product is, and it’s not been without trial and error along the way but with grit, determination and leading with my core values this has led me to build a fantastic teeny tribe, I hope you along with everyone here, shares these values. 

    I am a believer in total transparency and am the first to answer any questions you may have over why and how I do what I do, I’ll tell you first off – I work only with suppliers that encompass only the best ingredients, sourced as locally as possible, traded and created fairly to make sure the Teeny Greeny Microfarm Kits are as ethical as possible. 

  • The Grow Kits.....

    Teeny Greeny Microgreen Grow Kits have been designed, tested and then created by Alice, our owner and founder.

    We then hand-make these in small batches.

    Making our kits like this means there is minimal to zero waste and that any resources we use are not unnecessarily stripped from the planet to meet mass demand for a nominal cost. 

    We prefer to offer value over cost and that is what works for us. Sell less but do better is our approach.

    We also offer refill bundles alongside our Greens for a year for those that want to take their growing to a whole new level!


    You can also find a small selection of our products stocked in some independent retailers that align with our values and ethos.

    If you didn't already know then we'd like to tell you that 1% of our turnover goes to 1% for the planet.