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About Us

Cultivating A Company
Teeny Greeny started life as part of a first-generation small urban farm in the beautiful Wiltshire countryside. Now I have invested all my experience into creating fun and nutritious organic grow kits that will flourish in anyone's home. Teeny greeny has an aim to equip more families with the tools they need to grow their own Microgreens, not only for the convenience of having fresh, delicious ingredients and garnishes to brighten up their food, but also for the health and wellbeing rewards that this offers.
Green Dreams
Eating mindfully is better for our planet and better for our health. There is nothing more rewarding or delicious than planting, nurturing, and eating your own food. I love sharing the knowledge I have acquired over many years , TG came to be from a passion as opposed to a bottom line profit margin and as the founder I hope one day TG will be able to fund a foundation to support others through workshops or any additional support within the education sector so that all young people get the right education for any additional needs they may have. I am slowly working towards this green dream!
Regenerative Practices
Teeny Greeny is committed to working with people who align with their own values of being responsible, sustainable and ethical. We are certified by the primary charity and organic certification body THE SOIL ASSOCIATION - what they say, goes. An accreditation from them is the cherry on top of a jolly delicious cake. They are incredibly supportive of our mission, which ties in with their own; protecting the natural world and farm animals. Teeny Greeny is also regulated by DEFRA, the government organisation dedicated to protecting the environment, these guys are kind of a big deal and they regulate our business. We also believe everyone needs to do their bit for the environment, so we’ve gone above and beyond to make sure our products make as little impact on the planet as possible. It’s a small effort to make for a big cause, all our products are 100% PLASTIC FREE. All components are RE-USABLE, RECYCLE-BALE or BIODEGRADABLE.