Growing with the Summer Solstice

Growing with the Summer Solstice

It was the Summer Solstice last week and as I often get referred to as a dippy hippy, after all I do have my magic number thing going on (anyone remember what is was?! ) and I also bend towards believing the universe is full of magic, basing this on “Those who don't believe in magic will never find it – "Roald Dahl " who doesn’t like Roald Dahl - maybe stop reading now you don't!!!

thought it might be nice to give you a quick run down on what’s great to plant on the solstice (or around this date considering we have just entered July!)

I don’t claim to be an expert on growing ALL vegetables but I do have an abundance of knowledge on growing Microgreens!

I previously worked with growers who used Biodynamic and Organic methods. For years I ran an organic vegetable market stall and always loved what each season brought. I would visit their small holdings and farms to find out what was growing and check in on them as I found that these growers/farmers/food-heros liked to spend time mostly on their own, working with the land and with nature - they obviously knew and still know how good growing your own is for your physical & mental health!


There are plenty of summer solstice plants to start this sowing outdoors at this time of year, namely:

Climbing beans, Dwarf Beans, Beetroot, Cabbage, Carrots, Chard, Kohl Rabi, Lettuce, Pak Choi, Radish, Rocket, Spinach, Spring Onion & Swede


Our Micrograms come in most of the above varieties and have awesome health benefits, I personally love the Radish and Red cabbage, both for beauty and for taste! Do you have a favourite? Let me know here


However, if like me, you have very little outdoor space then Microgreens are the way to grow (pun intended!)


These mighty greens are super easy to grow with a little guidance (that I can always provide), are ready to harvest in super quick time, so no need to wait months to reap the rewards of your labour. They are also at their best when you are looking for optimum nutritional value, PLUS they grow indoors all year round - what's not to like?!


If you’d like to get even more ‘dippy hippy’ then check out biodynamic principles - e.g. planting on a waxing moon as apposed to a waning moon! I for one believe we are always in  one phase or another of one of lifes great cycles and the more we embrace this the happier we are.


If you'd like more info on Biodynamic growing or my own personal journey around life cycles, trials, tribulations along with adventures on how Teeny Greeny became and what green dreams  I have for our future then shout here with a YES!


I’d never want to bombard you, but it’s good to have a "green gang" to share with and possibly inspire along the way!


Back to the Microgreens:  Now we have longer days why not get started?  You can start with everything you need with one of our kits or even just grab some seeds from a garden centre or check out the Teeny Greeny refill section and I can share some tips on using other growing media or seed trays you may have lying around. Check out some videos here on growing peas and sunflowers using your own recycling!


Finally I run a monthly competition to win one of our Macro kits and the results are now IN for June.... I had the lovely Lotte pull a name from a hat, always one for some tradition and we even filmed it and you'll be available to watch Lotte on our Instagram stories ….so check your inbox if you’re name is LYNN!

Thank you all for taking part in my survey - if you haven’t yet then please check it out here - I love that mostly everyone has a story to tell around their plants dying - THAT WAS ME TOO a few years back!!!!! (I laughed out loud when looked at the results!) 


If you have any questions or feedback then just reply below and I will be able to reply. 

There are some quick links for anyone wanting to access some growing tutorials too 👇




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Keep safe, enjoy the sunshine and keep your eyes peeled for more of my weekly tips sent to your inbox (please check your junk if you don’t want to miss out and add me to your list of friends - I’d like that!) or you can always have a catch up here on my "Adventures in my Microland"


Alice x

(Grower, Mum, Daughter, Sister, Friend & founder of Teeny Greeny!)


Ps - If you have any questions or feedback then leave a comment below....I read everyone!

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