Are Microgreens Sustainable?

Are Microgreens Sustainable?

Sustainability is a huge passion of mine and has consequently been a core value within the business. Microgreens are more sustainable than other crops you’d buy from the supermarket that have been mass produced and transported hundreds of miles. One of the many benefits of microgreens is that you get so many nutrients without needing to grow a plant for an extended period of time. As a result, you cut down on the amount of water needed to produce and also the amount of space needed to grow them. For an ever increasing global population, I think this is a huge benefit and one that I increasingly see being utilised in the future. 

Microgreens can be made even more sustainable by using organic seeds and peat-free soil which is what we have done. Not to be mistaken for a one-off grow kit, these kits are designed with total sustainability and education at their root, enabling our growing community to keep a constant supply of superfoods at hand in any space they have. Included in our trilogy kits are 6 reusable bamboo growing dishes, 12 discs of organic, vegan-friendly, peat-free coir alongside 3 varieties of organic microgreen seeds which will help you grow at least a months supply of microgreens.

Teeny Greeny is committed to working with people who align with their own values of being responsible, sustainable and ethical. We are certified by the primary charity and organic certification body THE SOIL ASSOCIATION - what they say, goes. An accreditation from them is the cherry on top of a jolly delicious cake. They are incredibly supportive of our mission, which ties in with their own; protectecting the natural world and farm animals. Teeny Greeny is also regulated by DEFRA, the government organisation dedicated to protecting the environment, these guys are kind of a big deal and they regulate our business. We also believe everyone needs to do their bit for the environment, so we’ve gone above and beyond to make sure our products make as little impact on the planet as possible. It’s a small effort to make for a big cause, all our products are 100% PLASTIC FREE. All components are RE-USABLE, RECYCLABLE or BIODEGRADABLE.

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