"Super Powers" Recycle Tin Farm

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SEEDS INCLUDED: Broccoli, Red Cabbage and Kale
You don’t have to be a superhero to enjoy this powerful blend of nutritional Teeny Greenies, but you might feel like one afterwards!

These three Microgreens are known as ‘superfoods’ for good reason – even a little bit goes a long way towards boosting your energy and health, giving you the strength you need to take on the world. Just remember to always use your powers for good!

Whether you are trying to encourage your kids to become more enthusiastic about their greens, or you are a budding chef who loves the idea of having easy access to fresh, healthy ingredients, our Recycle Tin Farm comes with everything you need to plant and grow three tins of delicious, highly nutritious Microgreens.

This kit contains:

🌱3 varieties of organic seeds in tins (Red Cabbage, Broccoli and Kale)
🌱 3 blocks of vegan, organic & peat-free coir
🌱3 wooden stick labels
🌱Fool-proof easy-to-follow instructions
🌱Nutritional Information on each Microgreen included.

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