Organic Rocket Microgreen Seeds –

Organic Rocket Microgreen Seeds

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The sly salad superfood with a Peppery Kick!

You’ll know when Arugula, or Rocket leaves, are in your bowl - that distinct peppery, spicy flavour and fragrant aroma is unmistakeable and can take a so-so salad to dizzying new heights of deliciousness! The bitter taste of these leafy Microgreens will become a firm family favourite in no time at all and taste rather scrummy with a drizzle of sweet Balsamic Glaze!

The Science Bit 🌱

Bursting at the seams with nutritional goodness, Rocket is especially rich in Vitamin K and Calcium, making is a key ingredient for boosting bone health. High in antioxidants, it is also shown to help ward off serious illnesses such as cancer.
A tool in the fight for clear skin, bright eyes and efficient circulation, ravishing Rocket should be a regular addition to your plate. The best news is that it can grow all year round, so you never need be without this powerful Microgreen!


We offer these in different sizes:

Tin A - For topping up or trying out which seeds you love the best! (enough seeds to grow 4 trays using our bamboo trays)

Tin B - These larger tins have enough seeds to plant, grow and harvest 12 trays of Microgreens using our bamboo trays. We would recommended these for those wanting to grow 3 trays of Mighty Microgreens each week over a month) 

Buy 5 of our TIN A sized Microgreen seeds for £17.50 instead of £19.75 (Automatic discount applies at checkout)