Organic Rambo Radish Microgreen Seeds

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Hold onto your hats – a punchy, peppery kick is incoming. Like radishes? Then you’ll fall head-over-heels with purple radish Microgreens. 

Purple radish Microgreens made their way onto the poshest of plates in some of the top restaurants years ago ago. So, what’s all the fuss about?
Is it their bright red hue that shouts, “eat me”?
Could it be their hearty earthy taste?
Maybe it’s the final punchy, peppery kick that leaves the taste buds singing.
Whatever it is, we just know that these Microgreens are a real keeper.

The Science Bit 🌱

Deep breath now, Purple Radish microgreens contain… vitamins A, B, C, E and K, alongside iron, magnesium and zinc. Then there’s phosphorus, potassium, and plenty ’o protein (30%).  They’re also chocka’ block with calcium, carotene and chlorophyll, not to mention the antioxidants and amino acids.