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Organic Pea Seeds

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Easy-peasy taste buds teasy.

Tender, zingy-fresh, yet buttery-mild, our pea shoot Microgreens are quite the contradiction, some say they have even contain notes of asparagus!
Add their ab-PEA-solutely delicious pea-flavour and delicate tendrils to a dish for an instant, scrummy boost in nutrients.

The Science Bit 🌱
Look, we don’t want to make the world of fruit and veg feel inferior or anything, but pea shoots are just the best. Let’s put it into solid stats and facts.
They’ve got seven times more vitamin C than blueberries. Eight times more folate than bean sprouts. Four times more vitamin A than tomatoes. Oh, and up to 69% of high-quality bioavailable protein.
Magic? Pea Microgreens are positively Harry Potter.