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Micrology® Kale XL

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Our Micrology® XL Kits are a perfect introduction to Microgreens. Grow 4 XL Pots of Delicious Microgreeens - beautifully presented in a golden tin to grow your Microgreens in! Get started and choose from 6 varieties, even take them away with you - grown in the tin so perfect for transport whilst making sure you are getting your daily does of Mighty Greens!

Available in 6 varieties; Broccoli, China Rose Radish, Pak Choi, Kale, Red Cabbage & Rocket.      

Each kit contains:
 • 1 varieties of organic seeds in reusable tins (enough to grow 4 large tins of Microgreens) 
• Choice of 6 Organic Seeds
• Gold Tin for growing your Microgreens in 
• 4 blocks of organic, vegan, peat-free coir 
• Wooden measuring spoon 
• Easy-to-follow, fool-proof instructions      

(Our Limited Edition Microfarm Kits & Bundles are available 3 x a year so in the meantime get growing with these while you wait for our next release!)

Kale -  offers a hefty portion of minerals.  This is a leaf that is loaded with goodness. In just one cupful you can enjoy well over the adult recommended daily allowance of vitamins A, C and K, giving significant benefits for both brain and eye health.

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