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Micro-Taster Kit 02
Micro-Taster Kit 02
Micro-Taster Kit 02
Micro-Taster Kit 02
Micro-Taster Kit 02
Micro-Taster Kit 02
Micro-Taster Kit 02
Micro-Taster Kit 02
This kit contains: 
• 3 varieties of organic seeds in UK manufactured tins 
(enough to grow 12 bamboo trays of Microgreens) 
Broccoli, Rocket, Kale
• 6 reusable bamboo grow trays (ideal for growing 3 trays a week on rotation for a month)
• 12 blocks of organic, vegan, peat-free coir in a cotton sack
• 3 seeds of life germination covers 
• 3 wooden stick labels
• Wooden measuring spoon
• Easy-to-follow, fool-proof instructions
• Nutritional information about each Microgreen
• Growing calendar

Micro-Taster Kit 02

Our "Micro-Taster" Kits are available to get you started in growing with confidence.

We will welcome you to our growing community with open arms and green fingers, in the hope you learn how easy it can be to grow delicious and nutritious Microgreens.

Micro-Taster Kit 02 Contains 
• 1 variety of organic seeds in a re-usable Kraft paper bag 
 (enough to grow 2-3 trays of Microgreens) 
 • A block of organic, vegan, peat-free coir 
 • Special discount code for you to use on any of our Microfarms 
 • Access to easy-to-follow, downloadable instructions
 • Nutritional information about the Microgreen included 
 • Access to our private facebook group

Full in-depth step-by-step 6 part Masterclass which will include:
 • Detailed health benefits of each Microgreen 
 • Information on variety of Microgreens available 
 • Solutions for growing without a garden, or even without windowsills! 
 • How to add more nutrition to your daily diet 
 • How growing your own greens help towards a more regenerative & sustainable world 
 • The values of Teeny Greeny as a purpose led business 
 • What is included in Teeny Greeny's Microfarm kits & Seasonal Bundles 
 • How the Microfarm kits can be replenished 
 • True value of what investing in your health can do to improve your daily life!