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"Heart Felt" Farm in a Box

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SEEDS INCLUDED: Broccoli, Coriander, Radish and Pea

This seed combo is packed full of love for your circulatory system. Did you know that you need Folic Acid to help form blood cells, Vitamin B12 and C to aid iron absorption and Vitamin K to enable blood clotting?
Well it’s good news that this lovely combination of tasty Microgreens contains every single one of these super clever minerals and vitamins with some antioxidants and amino acids thrown in for good measure.
Share the love of growing with your Teeny Tinys and introduce some exciting new flavours into their lives.
This kit contains:

🌱4 varieties of organic seeds (Broccoli, Coriander, Radish and Pea) in tins and cotton sacks
🌱 3 reusable bamboo grow trays
🌱 12 blocks of vegan, organic & peat-free coir
🌱 3 germination covers
🌱4 wooden stick labels
🌱 Wooden measuring spoon
🌱 Easy-to-follow instructions
 🌱Some nutritional information about each Microgreen

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