Organic Broccoli Microgreen Seeds

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Bye bye toxins, not-so-nice knowing you.

Sweeter and crunchier than your average broccoli stalk and containing 40 times the nutrients of their adult counterparts, these Microgreens will please even the most stubborn of green eaters. Serve them in a salad, stir fry or sandwich for the win.

The Science Bit 🌱

Broccoli is the superhero of the Microgreen world.
Preparing for a detox? Broccoli Microgreens are teeming with antioxidant Sulforaphane, so much so, that they have 50 times more than their fully-grown adult counterparts. Wowee!
They’re also a fabulous source of dietary fibre and protein, vitamins; A,B,C, E & K, and minerals; Calcium, Iron Magnesium, Zinc, Potassium. Not bad for a Teeny Greeny!