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At our roots

Hello and welcome to Teeny Greeny’s wonderland of Microgreen grow kits. 

I’m Alice, as the creative behind Teeny Greeny and I’ve been on a crusade to make growing Microgreens at home as easy as possible for everyone - If I can grow these teeny but mighty greens - then so can you! 

Do you want to grow your own greens all year round……but have little space or find everything you plant struggles to survive or even that you just don’t have the time? 

Well you’ve found your tribe - utilising my own experience as an urban farmer, mixing it up with a passion for problem solving and a deep rooted belief that one seed at a time together we can grow a healthier planet alongside make a difference in supporting some great causes. 

So let’s start sowing the seeds and grow a greener future together. 


(Grower, Owner & Founder at Teeny Greeny)

Pentalogy Microfarm™ Brings you

Trilogy Microfarm™

Perfect for starting on your micro-adventure. 3 Varieties of organic Microgreens. Sow, grow the harvest 12 trays of nutritious Microgreens. Simple to replenish each month with our seed refill bundles.

Pentalogy Microfarm™

The MACRO version of our Trilogy Kit - even more Microgreens. 5 Varieties of organic Microgreens. Sow, grow the harvest 20 trays of nutritious Microgreens. Simple to replenish each month with our seed refill bundles.

Superhero Microfarm™

Fantastic to get young people into the joys of growing their own superfood! 3 Varieties of organic Microgreens. Sow, grow, then harvest 9 trays of nutritious Microgreens. Comes with 3 fun educational resources.


As the owner and founder of Teeny Greeny I am personally committed to working with the right people and companies who align with my own beliefs that we can all take responsibility when making any decision by asking ourselves; is it ethical, has it been fairly traded, is it as local as possible and does it promotes regenerative practices.......

100% Plastic Free

The Teeny Greeny Dream Team have gone above and beyond to make sure all of our products make as little impact on the planet, its a small effort for a big cause.


All our products are vegan friendly, meaning no animals have suffered.

100% Organic

Soil Association accredited - the primary charity and organic certification body. Proud and privileged to be working with these guys, what they say, goes.

Defra regulated

A government organisation dedicated to protecting the environment, these guys are kind of a big deal and they regulate my business. (I also like to make sure I cross all of the T's and dot the i's!)