Greens For A Year

Grow your own superfood all year round for under £1 a day

'Greens for a Year" is a VIP service.

Perfect for refilling your existing Microfarm Kit.

Choose your own selection of seeds - you will get a form sent on completion of order to choose from over 14 varieties of organic seeds. (You can opt to have us help you choose too!)


•  A large variety of seeds available for you to choose a unique combination

• Enough seeds to grow 162 or 272 trays - have fresh greens available all year round. 

 Organic, peat-free coir to grow 162 or 272 trays

• Bonus seeds in your bundle

• 3-5 'seed of life' germination covers

• 15 wooden stick markers

• Wooden measuring spoon

• Easy-to-follow, fool proof instructions

• Nutritional information about each Microgreen

• Growing calendars

• No use-by date so start when right for you

• Access support in our private 'Green Tribe' group

• Create long-term, sustainable, healthy habits


organic, plastic free, 1% for the planet member