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Microfarm Refills

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A handy refill pack to replenish any of our Microfarm Kits or indeed the Micrology® Tin Kits!

Choose the seeds you'd like to grow each month from the seed sets below. 
These kits come with enough seeds and coir to grow either 12 or 20 trays or tins of mighty Microgreens.

Available in 6 varieties; Micro-Power, Macro-Power, Micro-Immunity, Macro-Immunity, Micro-Vitality & Macro-Vitality

Each kit contains:
 • 3 - 5 varieties of organic Microgreen seeds
• 12 - 20 blocks of organic, vegan, peat-free coir     

(Our Limited Edition Microfarm Kits & Bundles are available 3 x a year so in the meantime get growing with these while you wait for our next release!)

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