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Micrology® Pak Choi XL

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Our Micrology® XL Kits are a perfect introduction to Microgreens. Grow 4 XL Pots of Delicious Microgreeens - beautifully presented in a golden tin to grow your Microgreens in! Get started and choose from 6 varieties, even take them away with you - grown in the tin so perfect for transport whilst making sure you are getting your daily does of Mighty Greens!

Available in 6 varieties; Broccoli, China Rose Radish, Pak Choi, Kale, Red Cabbage & Rocket.      

Each kit contains:
 • 1 varieties of organic seeds in reusable tins (enough to grow 4 large tins of Microgreens) 
• Choice of 6 Organic Seeds
• Gold Tin for growing your Microgreens in 
• 4 blocks of organic, vegan, peat-free coir 
• Wooden measuring spoon 
• Easy-to-follow, fool-proof instructions      

You can refill these using our refill bundles which you'll find in the shopping cart

(Our Limited Edition Microfarm Kits & Bundles are available 3 x a year so in the meantime get growing with these while you wait for our next release!)

Pak Choi -  a pale green Microgreen with a slightly sweet, robust flavour. Belonging to the cruciferous family of vegetables and first cultivated in China thousands of years ago, it is now available all over the world. An absolute power green containing vitamin C, E and beta-carotene. Unlike many other fruits and vegetables Pak Choi contains traces of the essential micronutrient – the mineral selenium, which helps certain antioxidant enzymes to work. These enzymes remove reactive oxygen species (free radicals) and so prevent oxidative damage to organs and tissues. Selenium also helps the hormone thyroxine, which regulates metabolism, to work. Selenium also prevents inflammation, may decrease tumour growth rates but there is insufficient scientific evidence yet to support that claim.  It mitigates the effects of certain toxins such as mercury.

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