Staycation blues? Need some super summer holiday ideas? –

Staycation blues? Need some super summer holiday ideas?

Top Five Tips For A Summer Staycation

We’re with you! With summer holiday plans changing by the minute, many families will be staying at home this summer, so we’ve come up with five fab crowd pleasers to keep your Teeny Greenies entertained and your wellbeing in check!

Five top tips for summer fun:


Weighing in at number 1 has to be Garden Glamping – ok, we saw you roll those eyes, but let’s face it, not everyone likes camping at the best of times, except maybe the kids!

However, by investing in some solar fairy lights, making paper lanterns or bunting, trying your hand at tie die or by slinging a few duvets and decent pillows in the tent, a midnight feast and then heading for the comfort of your own bed, everyone’s a winner.

Seriously though, staring at the stars and listening to the dawn chorus is what family memories are made of, don’t knock it till you’ve tried it and if in doubt sling in a few marshmallows over a fire pit!


Get ready for a fuzzy glow and Volunteer. If you have time off with the kids, how about making connections with your neighbours and local community? Be it a bit of weeding, litter picking, deliveries or baking for someone feeling down, the kids will not only get to meet new people, but also develop a better appreciation for how lucky they are; we guarantee the constant scream of “I’m bored” will soon be replaced by some lovely conversations about the important stuff that underpins happiness and wellbeing.


Got a rainy day to fill? We know we’re biased, but you could do worse than some Windowsill Microgreen Farming! From £9.95 for our Teeny Tin Trios, our range of farms contain everything you need to keep teeny fingers busy. From sowing, to germination through to the magic of photosynthesis, we have you covered.
Ready to harvest in under a week, you also don’t have to wait too long to try new tastes and create new recipes together. For our complete range of products, subscriptions and refills visit our products page. Plus, for a limited time only, spend £20 and get your free set of Teeny Trump cards! Fun packed, fast paced and frankly flipping educational, our Microgreen Trump Cards have it all.


Film a family film – It’s a sure-fire way to get kids using screens for more worthwhile causes and sending a copy to a grandparent of family member overseas will bring smiles of delight to everyone involved.
From script writing, to costumes, props and locations to soundtracks; there’s a role for everyone. With a mobile phone and a little imagination, you’ll not only encourage creative thinking but also preserve some truly priceless memories!


Scientist for a day We love the simple and cheap science experiments from Childhood 101. From rainbow milk marbling to biology scavenger hunts to skittle chromatography, there are some fabulous ideas to keep teeny minds whirring with minimal cost.


Need to keep tummies from rumbling? – then Microgreen Pesto Pasta, Smoothies or Packed Lunch fillers should do the job. Check out our social feeds for the latest and greatest recipes to keep the clamour for snacks at bay!

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Happy growing!