From Teeny Seeds, Grow Mighty Dreams. –

From Teeny Seeds, Grow Mighty Dreams.

Do you be-leaf in magic? Well I do! My name is Alice and I am the founder of Teeny Greeny.

Alice and her Teeny Greeny Microgreens


Aside from dancing around the kitchen with my own Teenies, I love nothing more than growing Microgreens from seeds. These super powered, organic seeds are packed full of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to keep bodies healthy, but they also taste Deeeeelicious.

Celebrity and Michelin starred chefs don’t have to have a monopoly on Microgreens (although we love seeing how they use ours).

Our Teeny Greenies on Dan Moon’s plate @The Gainsborough, Bath.

Sharing the magic blueprint for life inside these tiny seeds, is what drove me to create a range of sustainable, recyclable and plastic-free windowsill farms, so that individuals and families can enjoy growing and eating their own Microgreen harvest from home.

Not only that, but I want to celebrate the nutritional benefits of these super seeds, so now you can choose seeds to boost anything from your immune system to your circulatory system, from your gut health, to your energy levels. Whatever your body needs, we’ve got plenty of super-seed mixes to choose from.

Magic Farm in a BoxRecycle Tin Farm

For our complete range of products, subscriptions and refills visit our products page.

Nurturing young minds.


Sharing the magic of photosynthesis with children is also what drives the Teeny Greeny engine. Lockdown has brought so many challenges; home schooling, cabin fever and anxiety to name a few, that’s why we’ve been working hard to create educational resources to accompany our windowsill farms. Growing Microgreens isn’t just a tick box exercise, but a fascinating journey from germination to the plate.

For a limited time only, spend £20 and get your free set of Teeny Trump cards! Fun packed, fast paced and frankly flipping educational, our Microgreen Trump Cards have it all. 

Teeny Trump Cards - ResourcesPhotosynthesis at work

Keep checking back; we’re devising new and exciting resources all the time. Just visit our resources page to get your FREE downloads and beat the boredom.

Teeny Greeny is a growing community.

We love to see our customers growing, nurturing and eating their Microgreens, so please get in touch and share your stories. Tag us on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter and we’ll shout about your successes.

Likewise, if you ever need support in troubleshooting a pesky problem, get in touch and we’ll be delighted to chat your way through to Microgreen heaven.

Happy growing!




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