Back to school? We've got you. –

Back to school? We've got you.

Nobody mention another lockdown - after six months of juggling home schooling, cancelled plans and Covid compromises, September could not come soon enough, right?!

Here at Teeny Greeny HQ, the school calendar is slowly returning to a new normal and boy are we keen for a bit of normality. With strict instructions not to cough and a spot of anxiety about a Covid confirmation in their class bubble, we’re doing everything we can to keep our Teeny Greenies healthy.

We know we’re not alone, so, we thought it only fair to share our top tips for a healthy new term. From recipes to packed lunch tips and time savers to immune boosters, we hope you’ll find our “Teeny Greeny Back to School Top Five” helpful.  If so, share the love with your tribe!

#1 Start as you mean to go on: Breakfast smoothies

Fancy learning trigonometry or fronted adverbials with a hungry tummy? No, neither do we! Mind you, neither do we have time to make buckwheat pancakes whilst plaiting hair, searching for lost shoes or hair-drying damp uniform, so we love these quick and easy, nutrient-packed breakfast smoothies.

Try blending:

1 banana
1 tbsp manuka honey
1 cup of frozen blueberries/strawberries/raspberries
1 tbsp chia seeds
250 mls coconut water/almond milk/soya milk
½ Teeny Greeny tray of Broccoli Microgreens

This makes enough for two adults or four Teenies!
For more Microgreen-fuelled breakfast smoothie recipes click here.

To start growing your smoothie ingredients - check out our range of windowsill farms and seed refills

#2 Supercharge Packed Lunches

Again, time is of the essence, so we like batch baking these Teeny Greeny Savoury Muffins and defrosting the night before – a great time saver and a sure-fire way to keep Teeny tummies full and immune systems boosted.

This recipe makes 12 vegetable savoury muffins (but you can add ham or bacon).
Preheat oven to 180C Fan, spray oil a muffin tin and using a food processor blitz:

1 carrot
1 courgette or 1 cored eating apple
1 tray Teeny Greeny Pea Shoots
1 tray Teeny Greeny Rocket/ Radish/ Red Cabbage or Broccoli Microgreens (or a mix of all)
150g mature cheddar or dairy free cheese
125ml milk or soya/oat milk
100ml plain yoghurt or dairy free yoghurt
2 eggs or 6 tbsp Aquafaba
100ml rapeseed/ sunflower oil 

Then fold in:
250g wholemeal flour or gluten free flour
3tsp baking powder
salt & pepper to taste

Bake in the middle, fan oven for 20-25 minutes until golden brown.


#3 Boost their immune system with Elderberry Syrup

Elderberries are ripe and ready for harvest at the moment; naturally containing vitamins A, B, and C, they have been used for centuries as a remedy to stop colds and flus in their tracks.

We love this recipe by Wellness Mama who offers a dried elderberry solution should elderberries be in short supply near you!


Don't forget our Immune Boost, Farm in a Box and Immune Boost Refill can grow on your windowsills throughout the seasons; keeping you fully stocked with a combination of Vitamins, A, B, C, E, K, Calcium, Iron, Fibre, Protein and Antioxidants, these mighty Microgreens will help your body fight pesky germs and they taste pretty fabulous too.


#4 Slow cook for a simple life!

It may seem simple, but dusting off the slow cooker as the seasons change is a healthy way to keep your family fed, whilst keeping your stress levels at a minimum.

By chopping and prepping the night before, you can bung in a range of healthy veg and lean meat, add some stock, herbs and a glug of wine and smugly serve at dinner time with jacket potatoes, wholemeal rice or pasta and a sprinkle of freshly trimmed Microgreens.

Life’s too short to slave over the stove and slow cooking reduces the need for oil and long-life sauces packed full of salt and sugar.


#5 Autumnal Activities

The one sure thing about all flus and colds is that spending time outside reduces the risk of catching and spreading germs. If nothing else, the past six months have certainly helped us to discover new walks and outdoor gems on our doorsteps. As the seasons change and the leaves begin to fall, we will be spending as much time as possible outside.

So if you’ve exhausted the parks, National Trust and English Heritage sites near you, check out the Woodland Trust’s wood tracker. Just type in your postcode and discover a range of woodlands for wildlife watching, family fun or history and heritage.

Whatever the levels of stress, feelings of pressure or anxiety in your household, these times are unprecedented and no matter the journey, you’re still doing your best with what you’ve been given.

So, we wish your family a happy return to school and a well earned cup of tea or something stronger for you.